Finding my people from the Internet

I'm doing my own thing now. So by default I'm by myself. But I know there's like-minded people and communities in the Internet (no matter what you do). So I just need to find them. I'll start from Indiehackers and 30x500 alumni.

Eating my own dog food

I have a new tool now and I'm going to give it a try. It promises to organize and let me browse my information as my brain does: by events, people, places and associations. So I could tell stories that take me back in time and find any piece of information in the blink of an eye.
I'm the co-author of that tool and it's called Diory. So I'm about to eat my own dog food. We'll see how it tastes...

Plans and routines for 2022

My job / freelance project ended by Christmas. Now I'm taking at least 6 months off to focus on this "personal information organising" thing (also called Diory). As I don't have anybody to tell me what to do I have to figure out something myself. I have lots of good ideas but I just need to get really started with them.

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